+0.10% (+0.0012)
-2.37% (-458.6)
-1.11% (-181.8)
-3.75% (-566.9)
-2.26% (-16.56)

Bitcoin has recovered somewhat from the drop in value seen last Sunday, with the price of the cryptocurrency reaching $2,755 at the time.

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The stabilization seems to be the result of Bitcoin miners reaching an agreement on the enactment of the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal. This agreement means the avoidance of a user-activated softfork (UASF), the possibility of which caused significant unease among investors.

That’s because a softfork could have led the cryptocurrency to split into two assets with separate trading platforms, making it difficult to gauge future performance. Additionally, the agreement allows Bitcoin to add features that will make transactions faster. Even though there are still risks with the update of Bitcoin’s code, the agreement seems to have calmed the trading market for now. If the updates go as planned, we will likely see increasing stability of the price of Bitcoin.

CurrencySell Price Performance
BTC to SEK 160422.69 -2.95 %
BTC to PHP 952370.98 -2.67 %
BTC to GBP 14174.81 -2.85 %
BTC to USD 18900.00 -2.69 %
BTC to INR 1213143.73 -2.51 %
BTC to EUR 16066.87 -2.87 %
BTC to AUD 24681.47 -2.78 %
BTC to SGD 25499.12 -2.51 %
BTC to MYR 77224.68 -2.50 %
BTC to GHS 85210.61 -2.75 %

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0.45 BTC to NGN | 03:00:36 0.994 BTC to GBP | 00:00:08 0.289 BTC to EUR | 2017-12-17 21:00:04 0.362 BTC to USD | 2017-12-17 18:00:21 0.525 BTC to PLN | 2017-12-17 15:00:05 0.427 BTC to CAD | 2017-12-17 12:00:24 0.2875 BTC to NGN | 2017-12-17 09:00:18 0.931 BTC to EUR | 2017-12-17 06:00:36 0.555 BTC to GBP | 2017-12-17 03:00:37 0.501 BTC to MYR | 2017-12-17 00:00:22 0.883 BTC to PHP | 2017-12-16 21:00:34 0.56 BTC to ETH | 2017-12-16 18:00:25

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About Bitcoin

Is it Money?

Bitcoin is an electronical money unit that it never can be print or visually visible. It is a digital currency money that you can buy and sell in Bitcoin Market. Bitcoin is a money unit but it is not printed, like the other moneys as dollar, euro or pound. Bitcoin is used electronically and no one take the control of it. In short, bitcoin is a digital currency. You can monitor realtime bitcoin prices at live bitcoin price.
It is a payment system based on digital currency.
Bitcoin Mechanism: Bitcoin works behind a new technology based on digital money. It works as a mobile app that you can send and receive data. Just like that, if you have a bitcoin wallet, you can send BTC and receive BTC both. It is a digital wallet that you may pay with your bitcoins when you get a service.
It works systematically with transactions as banks. Bitcoin network shares a public method (ledger: Block Chain).The chain contains all transaction processes which happened already. This ledger provides a permition to an user's computer to verify the validity of a transaction. Each transactions are protected by digital signatures corresponding to the "Sender Adress". The system provides that an user can control btc wallet to send bitcoins from his wallet.
Bitcoin Owners: No one controls the Bitcoin Network. It is a technology like cloud, emails, apps, etc. All bitcoin users control the network around the world. Bitcoin Market: Economy markets are not open for all day but bitcoin markets are open 24-hour in 7 days. Price of Bitcoin may change in each second. You can exchange your bitcoins in 24/7.

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